Nonna's Secret Sauce 🍝

Nonna's Secret Sauce 🍝

5 days ago
Decorating a room is a little like making a pasta sauce—you have to balance the design just as you would balance the flavors.
✤ Chick Digs Red ✤

✤ Chick Digs Red ✤

October 6 2020
Red is exuberant. Some scientists think it’s the first color we "see" in the womb, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Everyone looks wonderful in a red room. Your skin glows. An instant lift! Chinese red, Pompeian red, American-flag red…so many cultures have embraced it, and they can't all be wrong! Alessandra has rarely done a home without a touch of red. It sparks up a room and gives it life. But if you’re wary of color, pick out just one element, like the lampshades or the pillows, to introduce a pop.
✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

October 2 2020
Prompted by the idea of creative exploration during a time of limited physical and social connection, Casa Branca engaged three Los Angeles based photographers to shoot collection fabrics and dishware using an unconventional approach to traditional product photography.
✤   Italian Summer   ✤

✤ Italian Summer ✤

August 14 2020
You don't have to go there . . . to be there. Escape to Italy just in time for Ferragosto with the Damasco print, by Casa Branca. Based on a 16th-century Italian damask, this print is a painterly twist on a classic. While Damasco is time-honored, it can be mixed into contemporary settings for a nostalgic contrast.
✤   Nantucket by Design   ✤

✤ Nantucket by Design ✤

July 22 2020
Cestino is based off of the Nantucket basketweave. We have adapted the design for new applications and a subtle visual pun. Equally at home with contemporary art, floral prints, and striking white leather, it can be organic or graphic, depending on its use.

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