✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

15 days ago
Spring has sprung! Celebrate the season and charm family and friends by festooning your table with our colorful selection of whimsical tabletop designs. An emphasis on pastel pink and green, a piece or two of rattan, and fresh florals lay the foundation for a festive tablescape, extending the feeling of spring into your home. Add your own creative flourish or favorite pieces to create a memorable event! 
✤   Primavera  ✤

✤ Primavera ✤

March 3 2023
At Casa Branca we love to pile on the excitement! Winter is just about over, and we've got a new collection blossoming. Spring, more than any other season, brings a profound and positive change to our environment. Winter's thaw reveals long dormant beauty—budding plants, blossoming flowers, and the welcome brightness of longer days. Our Primavera collection is an ode to eternal spring.
✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

February 1 2023
Millennial Pink is out... and MAGENTA is IN! To celebrate Pantone's Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta 18-1750, we invite you to explore one of our punchiest colorways, CERISE.
✤  Valentine's Day: Gift Guide  ✤

✤ Valentine's Day: Gift Guide ✤

January 24 2023
Make someone feel special this Valentine’s Day with an imaginative gift from our curated collection of original offerings. And don’t just be sweet to your sweetheart … make a statement of love, friendship or appreciation to spread a little joy! Shop the gift guide below for inspiration … and maybe even treat yourself!
✤ The Serenity of Blue & Green ✤

✤ The Serenity of Blue & Green ✤

January 12 2023
Design inspiration can strike from anywhere — nature, fashion, and art are all fair game. But sometimes all it takes is one perfect color combination to solidify your vision and set creativity in motion … and then the pieces fall into place.
✤   Year in Review  ✤

✤ Year in Review ✤

December 27 2022
Our collections—and the teams behind them—continue to grow. Highlights from this year included: the launch of our performance collection, La Vita Giardino, and the fall redesign of our Worth Ave store in Palm Beach (before and after pictured above). We are so very grateful to be welcomed into your projects and homes and cannot wait for more design adventures together in 2023!
✤  Holiday Fun  ✤

✤ Holiday Fun ✤

December 20 2022
Nothing brings people together quite like the holidays... Except, perhaps, CARDS! Come together this holiday season for a game of Contract Rummy (a Branca favorite), and set the stage with these hand-blown green glasses and our hand-printed and embroidered tableware.
✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

December 13 2022
Stuck on what to buy your loved ones this holiday season? We've got you covered with some last minute gifting ideas! Some for the home and others to take on the road this vacation season.
✤ Holiday Hosting ✤

✤ Holiday Hosting ✤

November 20 2022
And just like that the holidays are upon us. The days are shorter, the weather cooler, and creating a warm and welcoming environment for ourselves and others to luxuriate in is all part of the fun! Whether you celebrate or not, we have the goods to set joyful tables this season.
✤   A Warm Welcome  ✤

✤ A Warm Welcome ✤

November 13 2022
Fresh with inspiration from our newest collection (Primavera, coming Early 2023), we've redesigned our Palm Beach location. The bright new interior at 344 Worth Ave will play host to an exciting lineup of pop-ups, book signings, and events as the town shifts gears and welcomes its seasonal influx of lovers of easy living, refinement, and design! We can't wait to welcome you in soon. 
✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

November 1 2022
Fall has settled across the Northern Hemisphere, and a new palette emerges as we make a necessary shift towards layering. Just as softer colors and textures enter rotation in our wardrobes, so too can the colors of the season mix into our homes and onto our tables.
✤ Design Schemes ✤

✤ Design Schemes ✤

October 11 2022
Each of Casa Branca’s collections trace a line through our products and categories. The curated colors in our textiles connect across patterns and textures and can be further matched to our tabletop and décor items.
✤ Kips Bay Dallas ✤

✤ Kips Bay Dallas ✤

September 28 2022
The larger the room the greater the challenge. But, as Alessandra shows so beautifully in her tree-house themed room, "Foglia," at Kips Bay Showhouse Dallas … it’s simply a matter of playing with scale.
✤   Artist Highlight: Wheaton Mahoney   ✤

✤ Artist Highlight: Wheaton Mahoney ✤

September 20 2022
Nature has always been an abundant source of inspiration in design, and our experience of the outdoors makes its way into our homes in myriad ways. We discovered Wheaton Mahoney’s thought-provoking photographs while developing our second collection - Into the Woods. An award winning photographer based in Los Angeles and Western Massachusetts, Mahoney studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design.
✤  Think Pink!  ✤

✤ Think Pink! ✤

September 9 2022
We were tickled pink when New York-based designer Kim Tomasino asked us to partner with her for the Hampton’s Designer Showhouse
✤  Nantucket Dinner  ✤

✤ Nantucket Dinner ✤

August 26 2022
One of the delights of working in the design field is meeting all the creatives involved in the process. Nantucket by Design gave us the opportunity to sit down for a lovely outdoor meal with much laughter and conversation. Alessandra set a beautiful table and let the guests do the rest.
✤  Summer Reading  ✤

✤ Summer Reading ✤

August 19 2022
Books are an essential element of any Alessandra interior, and we are pleased to offer a selection of texts that are sure to educate and inspire.
✤   Negroni Sbagliato  ✤

✤ Negroni Sbagliato ✤

July 15 2022
Cool down this summer with Alessandra’s favorite cocktail, the Negroni Sbagliato — a cocktail invented by Mirko Stocchetto in 1972 Milan at the historic (and still open) Bar Basso. The story goes that Mirko accidentally grabbed a bottle of prosecco instead of gin while making the classic Negroni, and so the Negroni Sbagliato was born. "Sbagliato" means "bungled" or "mistaken," in Italian.
✤   Scale Play  ✤

✤ Scale Play ✤

June 28 2022
Scale—is that object too big or too small for the space? It’s a question that a designer answers almost instinctively. There are no rules.
✤   Gift Guide: Father's Day   ✤

✤ Gift Guide: Father's Day ✤

June 13 2022
Father's Day is less than a week away! Are you still looking for a great gift for Dad? Here are some picks to suit his home office, bar, or sitting room. Place your order today to receive items in time for Sunday's celebrations.
✤   Setting the Table   ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

June 9 2022
Accessorize your July 4th celebration this year with pops of color from Casa Branca. Our selection of red, white and blue fabrics and accessories offers inspiring options for dressing your table and setting a festive and fun celebratory scene.
✤ Mix & Match ✤

✤ Mix & Match ✤

June 3 2022
Known for her unabashed mixing of color, pattern and texture, Alessandra enjoys letting antiques rub shoulders with contemporary pieces. In fact, she thinks you should give it a try!
✤ The Perfect Wedding Gift ✤

✤ The Perfect Wedding Gift ✤

May 26 2022
Weddings are back! After years of delayed in-person events, you’re likely to find yourself on a dance-floor (and shopping a registry or two) this summer.
Looking to help those lovebirds decorate their new home or light the spark for a budding collection? We've got a few suggestions.
✤   La Vita Giardino  ✤

✤ La Vita Giardino ✤

May 12 2022
Live your life outdoors—or bring that spirit of living inside—with performance fabrics from our new launch, La Vita Giardino. Featuring three new patterns and introducing three additional colorways, the collection expands the palette of possibilities for outdoor and performance design.
✤ Mother's Day ✤

✤ Mother's Day ✤

April 22 2022
Alessandra believes that every day should be lived as a special one, but she’ll never turn down a little something extra on Mother’s Day! Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a fresh stack of books to explore, or an enriching outing followed by a big bowl of pasta, it’s a time to celebrate and indulge those special mothers in your life. Mothers leave a lasting influence on design, comfort, and home, so who better to give something back than you?!
✤   Custom Furniture  ✤

✤ Custom Furniture ✤

April 12 2022
Embodying the finest American craftsmanship, each piece is made to order in Casa Branca fabrics or as COM. Our Collection Furniture continues to please with classical lines, luxurious upholstery, the finest craftsmanship and a lead time close to six weeks!
✤ Made in France ✤

✤ Made in France ✤

March 31 2022
Alessandra Branca has classicism running through her veins. Like Henri Samuel, the renowned French interior designer of the twentieth century, her signature spaces rely on classical bones with unexpected dressing. At Casa Branca we continue to mix the new with the old and especially love reupholstering vintage and antique furniture with our historically inspired contemporary fabrics.
✤ Yacht Week ✤

✤ Yacht Week ✤

March 14 2022
With the 40th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show approaching, we take a look at how Alessandra used our iconic Branca Stripe on a recent yacht project.
✤ Spotlight: Cortina Tartan ✤

✤ Spotlight: Cortina Tartan ✤

February 23 2022
Woven for us in Scotland—the enchanted home of lochs, castles, clans, and kilts—Cortina Tartan is a reinterpretation of our signature Branca Stripe. This sumptuous wool is warm, soft, and perfect for a library or study with a subtle masculine air.
✤ The Branca Stripe ✤

✤ The Branca Stripe ✤

February 17 2022
Stripes are a great way to play with scale and texture in an interior. Inspired by a room at Potsdam, the Branca Stripe has been a staple of Alessandra's for over 25 years. Try it as accent banding on drapery, or create coordinating, but distinctive, pillows with zigzags or concentric squares.
✤ Why We Love Velvets & Mohairs ✤

✤ Why We Love Velvets & Mohairs ✤

February 10 2022
Alessandra’s penchant for mixing high and low, patterned and plain, comes through in the palette she developed for our velvet and mohair collections. She took an often-staid textile and colored it contemporary.
✤ Valentine's Day Edit ✤

✤ Valentine's Day Edit ✤

February 1 2022

For the love of color...pop some red into your loved ones’ lives! Alessandra wouldn’t dream of creating an interior without it. While most people find red exciting, she finds it calming.

✤ Artisan Highlight: Jean Roger ✤

✤ Artisan Highlight: Jean Roger ✤

January 25 2022
After establishing his first studio in 1947, Roger set out to create pieces belying the heaviness associated with works of clay. It is this idea of making the heavy seem light that led to his cabbage tableware, tulip and flame candle holders, lamps, vases, and decorative objects in the shape of palm trees and pineapples.
✤ A Clean Slate ✤

✤ A Clean Slate ✤

January 19 2022
A new year brings an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate, a new outlook, and a full list of things to accomplish over the next twelve months. Our Casa Branca team wrote down their intentions, hopes, and dreams for the coming year and, of course, some of those included their own home improvement projects. Painting, upholstery, and lighting were on everyone’s list as well as adding a few decorative items. Here are a few of our favorites!
✤ Looking Back: 2021 ✤

✤ Looking Back: 2021 ✤

January 10 2022
2021 was an incredible year for Casa Branca, and we couldn’t have done it without you (or airplanes!). We traveled throughout the country and beyond to bring pop-up shops, talks and book signings to NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Charleston; and we opened our own showroom and retail store on Worth Ave in Palm Beach.
✤ Hostess with the Mostest ✤

✤ Hostess with the Mostest ✤

December 6 2021
Tradition offers us a foundation for building our own holiday rituals. It takes work to establish them, but once in place, you can mix the different elements into your tables for years to come. A little from here with a little from there—a recipe from one side of the family, a favorite tablecloth from another, but all uniquely yours!

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