✤ Mother's Day ✤

✤ Mother's Day ✤

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Alessandra believes that every day should be lived as a special one, but she’ll never turn down a little something extra on Mother’s Day! Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a fresh stack of books to explore, or an enriching outing followed by a big bowl of pasta, it’s a time to celebrate and indulge those special mothers in your life. Mothers leave a lasting influence on design, comfort, and home, so who better to give something back than you?!

It's so nice to indulge in just staying in bed. It is a tradition we ought to return to.

Alessandra Branca

Looking for some lovely gifts to make your mother’s day extra special? Here are some suggestions…

​✤  Breakfast in Bed  

Image of Rigato Porcelain - French
Image of Intreccio Cocktail Napkins
Image of Cestino Porcelain - French
Image of Intreccio Placemat
Image of Otto Tumblers - Sky & White
Image of Tavolo Pitcher - Sky & White
Image of Intreccio Dinner Napkin
Image of Cestino French - Mug
Image of Essentia Placemat
Image of Twist Tumblers - Amber
Image of Essentia Dinner Napkin

​✤  Flowers that Last  

Image of Flowerrrsss 5
Image of Flowwwer 42
Image of Flowwwer 51
Image of Flowers No. 6
Image of Pink Porcelain Digitalis (
Image of White Bisque Porcelain Hydrangeas in a Wicker Cache Pot
Image of Pink Porcelain Morning Glory in a Terracotta Pot
Image of Pink Porcelain Hydrangeas in a Wicker Cache Pot

​✤  For her Desk  

Image of Marmo Frame
Image of Marmo Tray
Image of Ashley Hicks -
Image of Artichoke Vase
Image of New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca
Image of Beachside: Windsor Architecture and Design
Image of Safari Style, By Melissa Biggs Bradley

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✤ Custom Furniture ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

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✤ La Vita Giardino ✤

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