Petit Peony x Casa Branca

The bright backdrops of Positano and Capri are the color-popping inspiration behind Casa Branca’s new collaboration with children’s clothing brand, Petit Peony. Cousins Kate Bowen and Halley Griggs, founder and president of Petit Peony, fell in love with...

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Mix and ... MATCH!

At Casa Branca, we are ALL about mixing and matching. Our line is designing to easily combine bold (or soft!) patterns and colors throughout the collections. Try using one of...

Trick & Treat

Trompe l'oeil, French for "deceive the eye," was especially popular in Renaissance Italy.  Masters like Mantegna and Correggio painted ceilings to look like they were open to the sky &...

Nantucket by Design

Cestino is based off of the Nantucket basketweave. We have adapted the design for new applications and a subtle visual pun. Equally at home with contemporary art, floral prints, and...

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