✤ Hostess with the Mostest ✤

✤ Hostess with the Mostest ✤

Tradition offers us a foundation for building our own holiday rituals. It takes work to establish them, but once in place, you can mix the different elements into your tables for years to come. A little from here with a little from there—a recipe from one side of the family, a favorite tablecloth from another, but all uniquely yours!



Image of Staghead Champagne Flute
Image of Staghead Water Glass
Image of Staghead Wine Glass
Image of Staghead Tumbler
Image of Staghead Highball
Image of Papavero Hand-Painted Crystal Tumbler
Image of Staghead Embroidered Hand Towel
Image of Staghead Embroidered Cocktail Napkins
Image of Bosco Porcelain Dishes


The table is your opportunity to have fun! What really matters is bringing people together, so focus on setting the stage and letting everyone else fill it with their bubbly laughter.


No one's looking for perfection. They're just looking for you. And if you understand that, you'll be the best hostess in the world.

Alessandra Branca


Werner Straub for Veranda


Try wrapping your vases in a fun wrapping paper!


  Hostess Gifts   
Image of Marmo Storage Jar


Image of New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca


Image of Marmo Frame


Image of Rigato Cocktail Napkins


Image of Fleurette Cocktail Napkins


Image of Embroidered Cestino Cocktail Napkins


Image of Bisque Porcelain Trompe l'oeil Wicker Photophores


Image of Intreccio Cocktail Napkins


Image of Pink Marmo Tissue Cover



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✤ Good Vibrations ✤

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✤ Year in Review ✤

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✤ Looking Back: 2021 ✤

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