✤ Mossy Tablescape ✤

✤ Mossy Tablescape ✤

Fall has settled across the Northern Hemisphere, and a new palette emerges as we make a necessary shift towards layering. Just as softer colors and textures enter rotation in our wardrobes, so too can the colors of the season mix into our homes and onto our tables.

Image of Nantes Dessert Set - Celery & Roman
Image of Bosco Porcelain Dishes

We’re delighted to share images of the tablescape we installed at the Interior Arts Building at 306 E 61st Street. Featuring a tablecloth and porcelains in our Bosco faux-bois pattern and punctuated with pops of yellow and green from our dessert plates and hand-blown glassware, the table is a mossy-woodland that sits surrounded by a selection of exquisite artwork and antiques (all available for sale)!

Image of Otto Tumblers - Lime
Image of Rigato Cocktail Napkins
Image of Clear Green Wine Glass


Flora enwraps a variety of delightful elements like our new, hand-painted mushroom lamps and delicate fern wine and water glasses. What better way to set the stage for a fall gathering of family and friends?


Email welcomehome@casabranca.com to purchase mushroom lamps and fern glasses. Coming to the site soon!

I’ve learned that what really matters is bringing people together, so focus on setting the stage and let everyone fill it with bubbly laughter.

Alessandra Branca

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✤ Design Schemes ✤

✤ Design Schemes ✤

✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤   A Warm Welcome  ✤

✤ A Warm Welcome ✤

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