Apr 28, 21

Wednesdays on Worth: Mix & Match

Visit us on Worth Ave to experience Alessandra's eye for “the mix” on the back wall of shop, dedicated to our debut collections of fabrics and wallpapers. It is magical to see how these pieces work together, mingling stripes, paisleys and florals with tartans, damasks and deliciously soft cotton velvets.

✤ Caroline Perrin ✤

French artist Caroline Perrin has been transforming quotidian objects into delightful seashell-adorned art for over 20 years. Her latest pieces include a series of masks that recall 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who is best known for portraits that replace facial features with arrangements of fruit, vegetables, plants, and animals. Perrin’s own maritime masks exude personality and whimsy from every delicate detail.

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