Mar 03, 23


At Casa Branca we love to pile on the excitement! Winter is just about over, and we've got a new collection blossoming. Spring, more than any other season, brings a profound and positive change to our environment. Winter's thaw reveals long dormant beauty—budding plants, blossoming flowers, and the welcome brightness of longer days. Our Primavera collection is an ode to eternal spring.

✤ Palampore ✤

The Tree of Life is an ancient motif with a long history of use in textiles. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Indian examples from the Coromandel Coast spread through trade, introducing this peaceful, enchanting pattern to the western design tradition. Our updated rendition—Palampore—owes its relaxed and playful spirit to its simplicity of line and color choices. A perfect representation of the Casa Branca credo: wonderful classics made new for modern living.

✤ Palampore Stripe ✤

The sky is the limit for this climbing vine print! Stripes of varying width and pattern allow for a multitude of uses. Use it as a contrast on the face of a cushion or as decorative accents on pillows and the edges of window treatments. It also functions beautifully on ottomans and chairs.

✤ Bambú ✤

This fretwork pattern creates an architectural form of bamboo that transforms rooms with structure and color. The fabrics are printed in natural shades and exude a cool, classic, and relaxed sophistication. The wallpaper offers fresh and bold color choices—including a reflective silver background—for a more adventurous take on this classic design.

✤ Papavero ✤

Based on a Mughal depiction of the poppy, Papavero is now available as a supple linen in two classic color ways that capture a new essence of this relaxing repeated motif.

✤ Audrey ✤

Printed on a subtly textured paper with a softness of depth that amplifies the rich colors, Audrey envelops the room in florals and vines for a striking visual.

✤ Rosa Rigata ✤

Bold stripes balance a delicate Indian rose to create this soothing design. Presented now as a wallpaper in charming combinations of colors with effects that vary from classic to bold.

✤ Nantes ✤

Fresh and retro all at once, Nantes has a painterly quality that suspends time. Based on an 18th-century silk, it has been reinterpreted in design and scale and printed here on silver paper with an elegant reflective quality.

✤ Madagascar ✤

Much like a well-executed painted finish, our Madagascar has a subtle texture filled with depth, charm, and life! A backdrop that amplifies interiors and sets a sophisticated and fun stage for your designs, it is offered in colors found across fabrics and other wallpapers in the collection.

✤ Raffia Quadri ✤

Woven of synthetic raffia and backed for upholstery, Raffia Quadri captures the depth and charm of natural fiber with added versatility. With vibrant colors and a cushioned flexibility, it’s a refreshing alternative to traditional textiles and simple to clean and wipe away dirt and spills.

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