✤ Artisan Highlight: Jean Roger ✤

✤ Artisan Highlight: Jean Roger ✤



After establishing his first studio in 1947, Roger set out to create pieces belying the heaviness associated with works of clay. It is this idea of making the heavy seem light that led to his cabbage tableware, tulip and flame candle holders, lamps, vases, and decorative objects in the shape of palm trees and pineapples.


Image of Pink Tulip Candelabra
Image of A Pair of Pink Parrot Candle Holders

 Jean Roger’s aesthetic lives on in the hand-crafted ceramics of his grandson Francois who creates pieces with a playful nod to history. Located in the heart of Paris since 1971, this studio has had three generations of ceramists at the wheel.



Image of Flammes Lamp
Image of Pineapple Tureen - White
Image of Ceramic Tulipiere


I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and the material. I want to push myself while working with the traditional values of Jean Roger. [Taking] inspirations from nature, exoticism, with a nod to the 1950s — but not too much. 

Francois Roger



Inspired by ancient Chinese sculptures, Roger created the famous green frog.
Image of Green Ceramic Frog Cachepot
Image of Small Green Palm Tureen
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Green Salad Tureen, c. 1950s
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Green Salad Cachepot, c. 1950s
 Jean's son, Jean-Jacques, added to the studio’s reputation for innovation by creating the first sample of a “trompe l’oeil” varnish on ceramics. He became a specialist in replicating the patterns and colors of fabrics onto clay and the workshop thrived.


Photos courtesy of Jean Roger Decoration.


 Jean-Jacques’s son, François, took the lead in 2007. After years of training with a master turner and sculptor as well as tutelage from his father, Francois has continued the studio’s success with inspiration from both his father and grandfather contributing to his innovative style.


Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Pineapple Coupe with Fruits, c. 1950s
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Bowl with Stand and Cover, c. 1950s
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Bowl, c. 1950s
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Compotier (Fruit Bowl), c. 1950s


In addition to new pieces, Casa Branca also carries a selection of antique Jean Roger pieces. Shop the selection in store at our Palm Beach showroom or online at casabranca.com.



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