✤ Summer Reading ✤

✤  Summer Reading  ✤
Books are an essential element of any Alessandra interior, and we are pleased to offer a selection of texts that are sure to educate and inspire.

The Book of Palms
✤ Von Martius ✤

Comprised of 240 chromolithographs of palm trees, this title presents a visual journal of Von Martius’s expeditions through Brazil and Peru between 1817 and 1820.
Image of The Book of Palms
Image of Specco Tumblers - Green & Blue
Image of Small Green Palm Tureen
Image of Standing Raffia Hurricane
Image of La Vita Giardino Bucket Hat
Image of Giardino Palma - Verde (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Sky (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Leaf (Memo)
Image of Audrey - Merano (Memo)
Image of Lino Animal Kingdom - Celery (Memo)

Cabinet of Curiosities 
✤ Massimo Listri ✤

 In this book, Listri elucidates on the art of collecting as portrayed by some of the world's most beautiful collections of curiosities. Prominent during the 16th and 17th centuries, cabinets of curiosities offered a glimpse into a world full of natural wonders and treasures.
Image of Cabinet of Curiosities
Image of Otto Tumblers - Cerise
Image of Extinct No. 2
Image of Pink Tulip Candelabra
Image of Cameroon Feather Hats
Image of Jaipur Paisley - Cerise & Sable (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - Cerise & Sable (Memo)
Image of Quadrato - Cerise (Memo)
Image of Rosa Rigata - Sable & Cerise (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Walnut (Memo)

The World's Most Beautiful Libraries
✤ Massimo Listri ✤

 Known for capturing a profound stillness in all that he photographs, Massimo Listri captures the architectural and historical wonder of some of the oldest libraries around the world. Listri's original architectural photography is also available through Casa Branca. Email to inquire!
Image of The World's Most Beautiful Libraries
Image of Twist Tumblers - Clear
Image of An Audoux-Minet Three-Piece Rattan Sofa
Image of Bisque Porcelain Trompe l'oeil Wicker Photophores
Image of Pair of Andoux Minet Small Rattan Sconces with Paper Shades
Image of Papavero - Off-White & Celery (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Fiamma - Natural & Taupe (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Off-White (Memo)
Image of Pavilion - Natural & Espresso (Memo)
Image of Vimini - Sable (Memo)

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
✤ Albertus Seba ✤

A collection of Albertus Seba’s extraordinary illustrations of strange and exotic plants, snakes, corals, “double-headed monsters,” dragons, and much more.
Image of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
Image of Red Twist Water Glass
Image of Palampore with Citrus & Shells
Image of Papavero Rigato Porcelain
Image of Ashley Hicks -
Image of Marmo I - Branca Red (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Rosa Rigata - Nero & Coral (Memo)
Image of Vimini - Imperial (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Nero (Memo)
Image of Verdure Camo - St. Moritz (Memo)

  More Titles  ✤

Image of Beachside: Windsor Architecture and Design
Image of Safari Style, By Melissa Biggs Bradley
Image of New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca
Image of Keith Williams,


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✤   Negroni Sbagliato  ✤

✤ Negroni Sbagliato ✤

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✤ Setting the Table ✤

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✤ Nantucket Dinner ✤

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