Feb 06, 24

V-Day Guide: For the Love of Eros

The great god Eros, and his Roman counterpart, Cupid, is responsible for love and attraction, but “eros” is also said to be the life preserving instinct to protect and preserve the body and mind. We like to think that means surrounding ourselves with everything we need to make us feel warm, playful, comfortable, cocooned in a luxurious experience that appeals to our softer senses and makes us feel, yes, loved.

✤ A Passionate Tablescape ✤

Crafting the perfect meal for friends, lovers or everything in between? Pale pink shades are said to be relaxing, while deep and bright reds are stimulating. Inject a little color psychology into the presentation for your desired effect.

✤ Say It With Flowers ✤

Humans are depicted gifting flowers to convey their emotions as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In the Middle Ages, plant symbolism was popular, and the Victorians invented complicated, nuanced languages through floral arrangements. Send the message you’re hoping to get across, and make it count!

✤ Party of One, Two, or ...? ✤

An evening at home with candles and something soft… Love letters wrapped in red ribbon… The ultimate expression of care for your most loyal companion… Or, an ode to everyone’s favorite self love hero, Narcissus, whose beauty was so revered by all, he couldn’t help but agree.

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