Jan 12, 23

The Serenity of Blue & Green

Design inspiration can strike from anywhere — nature, fashion, and art are all fair game. But sometimes all it takes is one perfect color combination to solidify your vision and set creativity in motion … and then the pieces fall into place. At our Palm Beach location on Worth Ave, Alessandra took the classic pairing of Green and Blue to create an indoor oasis, mirroring the locale’s exterior landscape and layering in her signature elements of surprise and whimsy.

Casa Branca Palm Beach

Refreshed with fabrics and wallpapers from our Primavera Collection launching this spring, the space is a prime example of how easy it is to mix and match across our collections. Not only do patterns and colors from collections old and new mix seamlessly together, so do the variety of textures — paperweave, woven textiles, prints, velvet, and raffia.

Shop the Store

The walls of the store feature a brand new color of our Madagascar wallcovering. Sky Blue—which, in the 18th century, was sold at twice the cost of a common interior paint color due in part to the rare pigment at its core—has been adapted to a contemporary, textured paperweave. The resulting depth and warmth stands in contrast to its typical appearance on painted surfaces.

We archived the rich browns and warm pinks of our previous design and embraced the serenity of soft sky-blue walls and vibrant green textiles working together to make a garden vision come to life! The palette provides a calming foil for our ever-evolving cabinet of curiosities. Stop by this season in Palm Beach to take it all in!

Interior design: Pineapples Design group (left), Dunbar Road (right)

La Vita Casa Branca

Need some inspiration for your next redesign? Pineapples Design Group and Dunbar Road are doing green and blue right! See our textiles in action in these gorgeous interpretations one of our favorite color combinations!

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