✤ Artist Highlight ✤

✤ Artist Highlight ✤
Giant grids with colorful circles make formal living rooms more comfortable - and a little more fun! Katie Brickman Powell paints bold shapes in bright colors on whitewashed wood boards. She opts for wood over canvas because of its hardiness, imperfections, knots, the way it ages, and the beautiful grain lines that peek through the paint.


I hope my art is at home in any space: a casual family room or mixed with more precious pieces in a sophisticated living room.

I love the mix!


Image of Cestino
Image of Jaipur Fiore
Image of Papavero
lampshades and stool

Katie Brickman began her career in NYC as Kate and Andy Spade’s personal assistant as they launched Kate Spade. Katie spent many years working on creative projects for them ranging from films, books, stories for ad campaigns, to design services.
Katie Brickman Artworks
Image of Vimini
Image of Quadrato
Image of Damasco
Her creativity has even earlier roots, though. Growing up, Katie lived in a home on the grounds of the Greenbier Resort, designed by Dorothy Draper, and attended Cranbrook Kingswood, designed by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen, father to Eero Saarinen (TWA Flight Center). Living and working among the products of these creative giants no doubt inspired her obsession with design - specifically, clean lines, bright colors and bold shapes.
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✤ Italian Summer ✤

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✤ Setting the Table ✤

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✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

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