✤ Good Vibrations ✤

✤ Good Vibrations ✤
There is a vibration to everything in nature. Trees, grass, animals and humans co-exist and vibrate at different levels and frequencies. Color is no different.


Image of Jaipur Stripe - Coral & French (Memo)
Image of Lino Zig Zag - Cerise (Memo)
Image of Rosa Rigata - French & Coral (Memo)
Image of Jodhpur - Royal & Sky (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Paisley - French & Sky (Memo)


It's important to pay attention to the vibration that color creates. Play with it and see how it makes you feel.

Alessandra Branca 



Image of Giardino Palma Pillow
Image of Giardino Camo Pillow
Image of Giardino Pillow with Camo Flange
Image of Giardino Udaipur Pillow
Color is all about the balance. Some colors, like blue and red, can be too much for some spaces if they are not played off of something else.



Bright & Merry Gift Guide

Image of Dip-Dyed Alpaca Throw
Image of Fleurette Cocktail Napkins
Image of Pink Tulip Candelabra
Image of Nantes Pillow
Image of Cameroon Feather Hats
Image of Flowerrrsss 5
Image of Ashley Hicks -
Image of Ashley Hicks -
Image of Ashley Hicks -



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I start my amaryllis and paperwhites at the end of November, and let them flourish all over the house until the big show at Christmas.

Alessandra Branca



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✤ Black & White ✤

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✤ Year in Review ✤

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✤ Hostess with the Mostest ✤

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