Jun 14, 24

Petit Peony x Casa Branca

The bright backdrops of Positano and Capri are the color-popping inspiration behind Casa Branca’s new collaboration with children’s clothing brand, Petit Peony. Cousins Kate Bowen and Halley Griggs, founder and president of Petit Peony, fell in love with CB’s prints after Kate’s hunt for the perfect, elevated nautical stripe for a living room revamp at her beach home overlooking Duxbury Bay.

The happy discovery of Casa Branca turned up Rosa Rigato and Papavero fabrics, and the designers knew their Spring Summer collection had also been born. Block printed florals and bold stripes are recolored and reimagined into a collection of swimsuits and rash guards— all right at home on the beaches of the Italian coast, the East Coast, and anywhere in between. Think all-day lemonade by the pool overlooking the sea, and boat trips to La Fontelina for lunch!

✤ Curtain DIY ✤

"Not every home has the perfect layout when it comes to maximizing space. Sometimes you need to get creative when making a space more usable. If you need help in your bedroom this post is for you! See how curtains instead of closet doors can give you the extra room you need to make your bedroom layout more functional. Keep reading to learn how I used this beautiful linen fabric from casabranca.com to DIY these custom closet curtains!" - Stefana Silber

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