Jun 16, 23

Additional Primavera Launch

Some of our most popular patterns now come in new colors making it easier for you to create a coordinated look throughout our collections.

✤ Foglia ✤

These oversized, tropical leaves are inspired by a scene from an antique Korean screen. Our versatile and lively Foglia is equally at home inside and out. It can blend with its outdoor surroundings, or bring the outside in.

✤ Jodhpur ✤

Jodhpur is a graphic take on a classic paisley motif, repeated on a small scale to function on upholstery and smaller pieces. Its range of colors complements our florals, stripes, toiles, and other illustrative patterns.

✤ Quadrato ✤

Its hand-drawn lines soften this concentric square design, rendering it with a wonderful neutral quality. Quadrato is ideal on any surface of a room or as an accent.

✤ Madagascar ✤

Discover the latest colors added to our Madagascar wallpaper collection - Sky, Apple, and Salmon. These three stunning colors make it even easier to mix throughout the collections.

✤ Udaipur ✤

Based on traditional block-print paisleys, Udaipur has been pared down and balanced for contemporary applications.

✤ Lino Ikat Alfio ✤

An homage to one of our Italian production partners, our Lino Ikat Alfio features a fluid design with a playful appeal. Use it in a room from top to bottom, on a chair and pillows, or contrast it with modern furniture.

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