✤ The Perfect Wedding Gift ✤

✤ The Perfect Wedding Gift ✤
Weddings are back! After years of delayed in-person events, you’re likely to find yourself on a dance-floor (and shopping a registry or two) this summer.
Looking to help those lovebirds decorate their new home or light the spark for a budding collection? We've got a few suggestions.

✤ Something Old 

Image of Extinct No. 2
Image of Decoupage Busts
Image of Sforzesco
Image of Wicker Dog Bed House
Image of Wicker Dog Bed Nest
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Pineapple Coupe with Fruits

 ✤ Something New 

Image of Specco Tumblers - Green & White
Image of Nantes Dessert Set - Salmon & Roman
Image of Butterfly Rigato Dinner Napkins - Pink
Image of Dragonfly Napkin Rings
Image of Fleurette Dinner Napkins
Image of Clear Green Champagne Flute
Image of Flowwwer 51

 ✤ Something Borrowed 


Image of Handmade Raffia Rhino Trophy Head
Image of Ashley Hicks -
Image of Bosco Porcelain Dishes
Image of Cestino Porcelain - Nero
Image of Pink Audubon
Image of Palampore with Citrus & Shells

 ✤ Something Blue 

Image of Palma Table Tray - Sky Blue
Image of Palla Champagne Flute - Sky & White
Image of Intreccio Cocktail Napkins
Image of Cestino Table Tray
Image of Giardino Palma Pillow
Image of Tavolo Pitcher - Sky & White
Image of Heron Jug

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✤   La Vita Giardino  ✤

✤ La Vita Giardino ✤

✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤ Mix & Match ✤

✤ Mix & Match ✤

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