✤ Red, White, & Blue ✤

✤   Red, White, & Blue  ✤
You can always find your well-earned dose of color at Casa Branca! Our collections for the home include playful pops of colors in a variety of patterns, prints and textures. One of Alessandra's favorite combinations is the always fresh and festive red, white and blue. Timeless, classic and inspiring; this color scheme is impeccably chic!



✤  Striking Stripes  


Image of Jaipur Stripe - Coral & French (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - French & Sky (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - Indigo & Imperial (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Rosa Rigata - French & Coral (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Portuguese (Memo)
Image of Lino Branca Stripe - Sky (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Blu (Memo)
Image of Lino Branca Stripe - Indigo (Memo)



✤  Radical Reds  


Image of Cestino - Coral (Memo)
Image of Papavero - Coral & Celery (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Lino Zig Zag - Pom (Memo)
Image of Vimini - Coral (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Umbra - St. Moritz (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Damasco - Coral (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Giardino - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Garda Mohair - Branca Red (Memo)



✤  True Blues  


Image of Jodhpur - Royal & Sky (Memo)
Image of Fiamma - Portuguese (Memo)
Image of Audrey - Merano (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Fiore - French (Memo)
Image of Quadrato - Sky (Memo)
Image of Lino Zig Zag - Sky (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Paisley - French & Sky (Memo)
Image of Pavilion - Sky & Navy (Memo)
Image of Lino Animal Kingdom - Indigo (Memo)



✤  Shop  




Image of Vimini Gathered Shades
Image of Tulip Candelabra
Image of Cestino Gathered Shades
Image of Vimini Hand-Painted Vase
Image of Blue Audubon
Image of Dutch Wicker & Chrome Armchairs



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✤   Beat the Heat  ✤

✤ Beat the Heat ✤

✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤  Mix and ... MATCH!  ✤

✤ Mix and ... MATCH! ✤

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