✤ Red, White, & Blue ✤

✤   Red, White, & Blue  ✤
You can always find your well-earned dose of color at Casa Branca! Our collections for the home include playful pops of colors in a variety of patterns, prints and textures. One of Alessandra's favorite combinations is the always fresh and festive red, white and blue. Timeless, classic and inspiring; this color scheme is impeccably chic!



✤  Striking Stripes  


Image of Jaipur Stripe - Coral & French (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - French & Sky (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - Indigo & Imperial (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Rosa Rigata - French & Coral (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Portuguese (Memo)
Image of Lino Branca Stripe - Sky (Memo)
Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Blu (Memo)
Image of Lino Branca Stripe - Indigo (Memo)



✤  Radical Reds  


Image of Cestino - Coral (Memo)
Image of Papavero - Coral & Celery (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Lino Zig Zag - Pom (Memo)
Image of Vimini - Coral (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Umbra - St. Moritz (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Damasco - Coral (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Giardino - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Branca Red (Memo)
Image of Garda Mohair - Branca Red (Memo)



✤  True Blues  


Image of Jodhpur - Royal & Sky (Memo)
Image of Fiamma - Portuguese (Memo)
Image of Audrey - Merano (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Fiore - French (Memo)
Image of Quadrato - Sky (Memo)
Image of Lino Zig Zag - Sky (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Paisley - French & Sky (Memo)
Image of Pavilion - Sky & Navy (Memo)
Image of Lino Animal Kingdom - Indigo (Memo)



✤  Shop  




Image of Vimini Gathered Shades
Image of Tulip Candelabra
Image of Cestino Gathered Shades
Image of Set of Four Vintage Mushroom Shaped White Wicker Stools
Image of Blue Audubon
Image of Dutch Wicker & Chrome Armchairs
Image of White Twist Highball Glass
Image of Vimini Hand-Painted Vase
Image of Red Twist Water Glass



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✤   Beat the Heat  ✤

✤ Beat the Heat ✤

Spotlight: Cortina Tartan

Spotlight: Cortina Tartan

✤  Mix and ... MATCH!  ✤

✤ Mix and ... MATCH! ✤

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