Apr 11, 24

Meet Lino

There’s a reason utilitarian household fabrics are commonly referred to as “linens”, regardless of material. The flax plant has been harvested into linen for 10,000 years, by the Egyptians and Babylonians, and then the Europeans. Some of the earliest Western linen artifacts came from Switzerland around 7000 BCE, and from there it was the de rigueur choice for everything from underwear and simple daily garments, to bedding, tablecloths and towels.

Casa Branca Lino is 100% Italian linen. In the tradition of our predecessors, we’ve woven multiple signature designs in the CB spirit— from Lino solids (lustrous brights with a natural slub) and versatile Lino Branca Stripe and Stripe Mini, to Lino Animal Kingdom (a whimsical spin on toile), and Lino Ikat Alfio and Lino Zig Zag (playful patterns).

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