Jun 28, 22

Scale Play

Scale—is that object too big or too small for the space? It’s a question that a designer answers almost instinctively. There are no rules

At Casa Branca we are always playing with scale. Large-scale objects in a small room may seem counterintuitive, but they can make a small space feel larger. It’s a delicate balance.

Jodhpur Grande is a graphic take on a classic paisley motif, sized to make a statement and to facilitate scale-play—one of Alessandra's favored techniques. Jodhpur repeated in a smaller scale functions well on upholstery and smaller pieces. Its range of colors complements our florals, stripes, toiles, and other illustrative patterns.

Inspired by a room at Potsdam and applied with great love for over 25 years, the Branca Stripe is a pattern you can play with. Create zigzags or concentric squares on pillows, or use it as banding. Call upon a variety of Branca Stripes from across our Wovens, Performance, and Madagascar Wallpaper lines to experiment with scale and texture in an interior.

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