Mar 28, 24

Unexpected Red Theory

The book, Red: The History of a Color, tells us, “For the most part, painters have always loved red, from the Paleolithic period to the most contemporary.” If 2024 is anything to go by, the same can be said for designers! It’s only March, but when Taylor Migliazzo Simon broadcast her viral “Unexpected Red” concept in January, the internet quickly deemed it one of the most important color theories ever to hit decorators.

Internet renaissance or not, red has been prominently featured in art and design as long as humans have been around. There are red ochre cave paintings dating back 20,000 years from those early artists in Spain. Later, red pigment was very costly and considered even more precious than Egyptian blue. The Ancient Romans used it to cover their victorious gladiators and paint murals in their luxurious Pompeiin villas. Since then, aesthetes have tried everything from poisonous minerals to bugs to fabricate brilliant red hues. From Chinese lacquer, to the works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, to window treatments in the Branca for de Gournay Atelier in Paris, there is just no beating it for chic.

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