✤ Holiday Hosting ✤

✤ Holiday Hosting ✤
And just like that the holidays are upon us. The days are shorter, the weather cooler, and creating a warm and welcoming environment for ourselves and others to luxuriate in is all part of the fun! Whether you celebrate or not, we have the goods to set joyful tables this season.

✤ Thanksgiving 

✤ Christmas 

✤ Hanukkah 

Think of your table graphically, as you do of an interior. Think of color balance and the balance of light and dark.

Alessandra Branca



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✤   A Warm Welcome  ✤

✤ A Warm Welcome ✤

✤   Year in Review  ✤

✤ Year in Review ✤

✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

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