Aug 30, 23

Customize With Us

We love it when our customers take inspiration from our designs and put their own spin on them. Above, Mark Sikes customized our Jaipur Paisley to coordinate with our Udaipur Paisley on the bed and our Jodhpur Paisley in natural colors. He even used the banding as a border around the ceiling. Check out the full story of this gorgeous French Normandy-style California home on AD. If you have a particular color scheme or look in mind, we can modify our fabrics or wallpapers to match. Just provide us with your desired Pantone color or swatch samples, and we'll handle the rest.

Custom grounds and colors can be done with any of our patterns!

Here’s a custom version of Bambu printed on the same ground as our Madagascar Grasscloth. And another version on our clay-coated paper.

✤ Fabrics & Beyond ✤

We worked with The Conservatory in Dallas on a custom colorway of Nantes and Jodhpur and then customized our dishes + glassware to coordinate. Please contact us if you're interested in customizing your own combination.

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