✤ Artist Highlight: Wheaton Mahoney ✤

✤   Artist Highlight: Wheaton Mahoney   ✤
Nature has always been an abundant source of inspiration in design, and our experience of the outdoors makes its way into our homes in myriad ways. We discovered Wheaton Mahoney’s thought-provoking photographs while developing our second collection - Into the Woods. An award winning photographer based in Los Angeles and Western Massachusetts, Mahoney studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Whether she is photographing people or creating a thought-provoking photo series, her work tells stories and transcends the taking and processing of photographs. Her series allow her to dive deep into a variety of subjects — large-scale portraits, historic houses, and the landscapes of forest pathways which are available at casabranca.com.
The forest paths of this series were specifically chosen for the significant part they have had, and continue to have, in her life.


A path is a matter of perspective. It helps you become cognizant of the path you are already traveling on or forces you to create a new direction when one is lost."

Wheaton Mahoney




Long attracted to the graphic balance of circles and the visual depth that is created by varying their size, Mahoney overlays a series of colored circular and semi-circular dots onto her photos.

Of the specific configurations in these photos she says “some are inspired by constellations visible in the Upstate New York summertime sky, while others stem from childhood memories of catching fireflies at night.”





✤  Q & A  ✤


Where do you find inspiration?

 My inspirations vary from portfolio to portfolio. My current project is inspired by objects that have had significance in my life composed with the backside of a human subject. Prior inspirations have ranged from PEZ dispensers, to forest paths as well as architecture and gem stones.


What makes a house a home?

My definition of a home is a place where one feels welcomed and is surrounded by loved ones. I also always appreciate a cozy corner filled with textiles and warm sunshine as well as a gallery wall of art or family photos.


Favorite vacation spot?

The forests of the Adirondacks.


Favorite design book?

I recently read the fascinating history of chinoiserie entitled Dragons & Pagodas: A Celebration of Chinoiserie by Aldous Bertram. I finished it in one sitting not even noticing the passing of the sun into darkness; highly recommend for those interested in this subject.


Best housewarming gift?

A box of my photography notecards.


Favorite meal?

One that starts with dessert.


Favorite scent for the home?

Manuel Canovas’ Palais d’ Ete candle. It’s not overwhelming and offers the right amount of fragrance in a room. 


Favorite museum?

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as it houses some of my favorite Master painters.


Favorite artist?

Rembrandt without a doubt as his use of light and shadow has a delicacy that I never tire of studying.


How has your craft changed or developed over the course of your career?

Over the years I have become more ensconced in adding color and Color Theory into my work. The conjuring of emotions that can be created using different hues alongside one another is empowering. Many of my works are sparse in subject so I need to be particular how I work with tonal values, saturated hues and negative space. 


What is your favorite subject to photograph?

I am a “series based” photographer for the very reason that I thrive on photographing a wide variety of subjects. I love the intimacy & connection of portraiture, and also appreciate the alone time of Still Life photography. Landscape and architectural studies also draw me in as it’s a change of pace from my studio work. Creating concept driven bodies of work where I get to research different themes gets me excited to focus my attention on something new.


Any tips for budding photographers?

Learn how to work with light and shadow. The better you understand the mechanics and subtle nuances, the greater your ability in building what you want with precision. The feeling of being able to create what is in your mind, because you know how to work your equipment is a necessity in my opinion.


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