✤ Kips Bay Dallas ✤

✤ Kips Bay Dallas ✤
The larger the room the greater the challenge. But, as Alessandra shows so beautifully in her tree-house themed room, "Foglia," at Kips Bay Showhouse Dallas … it’s simply a matter of playing with scale.
a sectional sofa in white boucle fabric


With a twenty-four foot ceiling (higher than the length of the room!) and monumental bay windows looking out to a lovely meadow, Alessandra created a true living room that took full advantage of its assets, inside and out.
a set of glasses and an ice bucket


Alessandra started with our Foglia Madagascar wallcovering and custom-designed a dégradé effect (think ombré but with a pattern) to split the height of the room in a calming, natural way.

Image of Otto Tumblers - Lime
Image of Fleurette Cocktail Napkins
Image of Specco Tumblers - Clear & White


She created a layout that could scale up or down depending on the activity. A room to bring people together as well as accommodate smaller, more intimate groups.
a striped chair


Working with THE SHADE STORE, Alessandra designed linen blinds to welcome lovely light and beautiful shadows into the room - like sunlight coming through tree tops, creating a dappled shade.

Image of Ashley Hicks - Image of Rigato Cocktail Napkins


The natural materials and chosen color palette were a celebration of nature and contributed to what turned out to be an incredibly relaxing space.
a tartan chair

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Image of Nantes Dessert Set - Celery & Roman
Image of Jean Roger Small Ceramic Frog Cachepot
Image of Cestino Porcelain - Celery
Image of A Vintage Jean Roger Green Salad Tureen
Image of Foglia - Madagascar Leaf (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Leaf (Memo)
Image of Cortina Tartan - Bolzano (Memo)
Image of Verdure Camo - Bolzano (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of The Book of Palms
Image of Fleurette Dinner Napkins
Image of Bolzano Jar
Image of Giardino Foglia Pillow

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