✤ Negroni Sbagliato ✤

✤   Negroni Sbagliato  ✤
Cool down this summer with Alessandra’s favorite cocktail, the Negroni Sbagliato — a cocktail invented by Mirko Stocchetto in 1972 Milan at the historic (and still open) Bar Basso. The story goes that Mirko accidentally grabbed a bottle of prosecco instead of gin while making the classic Negroni, and so the Negroni Sbagliato was born. "Sbagliato" means "bungled" or "mistaken," in Italian.
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Image of Papavero Blockprint Napkin Set
Image of Fleurette Cocktail Napkins
Image of Jean Roger Small Ceramic Frog Cachepot
Image of Specco Tumblers - Green & White
Image of Rigato Cocktail Napkins

   For Your Bar  

Whether entertaining indoors or out, our versatile tabletop collection provides many ways for you to say “welcome” to your guests.
Image of Papavero Hand-Painted Crystal Tumbler
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Image of Papavero Rigato Cocktail Napkins
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Image of Gold Twist Tall Water Glass
Image of Twist Tumblers - Clear
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Image of Palla Champagne Flute - Clear & White
Image of Tavolo Pitcher - Cerise

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✤ Scale Play ✤

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✤ Setting the Table ✤

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