✤ Artist Highlight ✤

✤ Artist Highlight ✤
UK-based artist Claire Coles designs and handcrafts couture wallpaper murals and appliqué artwork. Paper, silk, and leather are collaged and freehand embroidered to create decorative surface patterns inspired by flora and fauna. Claire uses the sewing machine as if it were a pencil to create loose and fluid lines of intricate stitching around her motifs.


Image of Sea Vessel


Image of Land Vessel


Image of Vimini - Portuguese (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Audrey - Merano (Memo)
Image of Cestino - French (Wallpaper Memo)


Inspired by our collection, Cole’s Vessels series incorporates actual pieces of Casa Branca fabric and wallpaper.



I try to create motifs that have a subtle and unobtrusive beauty.


Claire Coles


Image of Nantes Pot



Image of Pineapple Vase



Image of Nantes - Celery & Shell (Memo)
Image of Nantes - Salmon & Roman (Memo)
Image of Nantes - Saffron & Coral (Memo)


✤  Start with Art!  


All artwork offered by Casa Branca is meant to be mixed and matched across our collections. Pick an artwork you like and make it the foundation you build a room around! 


Image of Vimini Drum Shades
Image of Brighton Sofa
Image of Pink Tulip Candelabra
Image of Nantes Pillow
Image of Nantes Pot
Image of Pavilion Pillow
Image of Quadrato
Image of Cestino - Tennis (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Jaipur Paisley



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✤ Yellow! ✤

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✤ Mix and ... MATCH! ✤

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