✤ Casa Branca Collection Furniture ✤

✤ Casa Branca Collection Furniture ✤
Embodying the finest American craftsmanship, each piece is made to order in Casa Branca fabrics or with COM. Alessandra’s designs are influenced and inspired by her favorite historical periods. We update the classics with our proportions, our take, our signature design.
Everything is bench-made, by artisans who pay attention to every step and detail along the way in order to provide the utmost level of comfort. After all, if it doesn't feel right, it doesn't matter how good it looks!




   Club Chair  

27"W x 35"H x 34"D





✤  Octagonal Ottoman  

48"W x 17"H x 30"D





   Lancaster Sofa  

92"W x 33"H x 38"D





   Brighton Sofa  

93"W x 41.5"H x 36"D





Interiors images by Thomas Loof.

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✤ Holding onto Color ✤

✤ Holding onto Color ✤

✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

✤ Working from Home ✤

✤ Working from Home ✤

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