✤   Italian Summer   ✤

✤ Italian Summer ✤

You don't have to go there . . . to be there.

Escape to Italy just in time for Ferragosto with the Damasco print, by Casa Branca. Based on a 16th-century Italian damask, this print is a painterly twist on a classic. While Damasco is time-honored, it can be mixed into contemporary settings for a nostalgic contrast.

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✤   Nantucket by Design   ✤

✤ Nantucket by Design ✤

Cestino is based off of the Nantucket basketweave. We have adapted the design for new applications and a subtle visual pun. Equally at home with contemporary art, floral prints, and striking white leather, it can be organic or graphic, depending on its use.
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✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

Spring has sprung! Celebrate the season and charm family and friends by festooning your table with our colorful selection of whimsical tabletop designs. An emphasis on pastel pink and green, a piece or two of rattan, and fresh florals lay the foundation for a festive tablescape, extending the feeling of spring into your home. Add your own creative flourish or favorite pieces to create a memorable event! 
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✤ Artist Highlight ✤

✤ Artist Highlight ✤

Giant grids with colorful circles make formal living rooms more comfortable - and a little more fun! Katie Brickman Powell paints bold shapes in bright colors on whitewashed wood boards. She opts for wood over canvas because of its hardiness, imperfections, knots, the way it ages, and the beautiful grain lines that peek through the paint.
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