✤ Italian Summer ✤

✤   Italian Summer   ✤
You don't have to go there . . . to be there.
Escape to Italy just in time for Ferragosto with the Damasco print, by Casa Branca. Based on a 16th-century Italian damask, this print is a painterly twist on a classic. While Damasco is time-honored, it can be mixed into contemporary settings for a nostalgic contrast.


Pictured in Saffron, the Damasco print recalls the rich shades of the classic Italian spice, known for being precious like gold, and bold in flavor. 


 ✤  Mix & Match  ✤




Buon Ferragosto!

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✤   Nantucket by Design   ✤

✤ Nantucket by Design ✤

✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

✤ Artist Highlight ✤

✤ Artist Highlight ✤

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