Apr 20, 21

Inspired Art

Explore Collection II: Into the Woods through the eyes of artists & shop our handcrafted accessories for the home.

Michael Tunk

Known for his collage art and illustrations, Michael Tunk mixes media and techniques to recontextualize his subjects in visually stunning and imaginative scenes. He created the series Flowwwers exclusively for Casa Branca, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of our fabric and wallpaper collections.

Nichole Bjornstad Smith

Drawing inspiration and imagery from our Collection II: Into the Woods, artist Nichole Bjornstad Smith created a series of three paintings in our signature collection colorways. Bjornstad Smith is an oil painter based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her work consists of a wide variety of subject matters using layered oil on linen. Nichole’s paintings tend to lean into color and have a realistic yet playful feel.

Wheaton Mahoney

Wheaton Mahoney is an award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles and Western Massachusetts. The forest paths of this series were specifically chosen for the significant part they have had, and continue to have, in her life. Long attracted to the graphic balance of circles, and the visual depth that is created by varying their size, Mahoney overlays a series of colored circular and semi-circular dots onto her photos. Of the specific configurations in these photos she says “some are inspired by constellations visible in the Upstate New York summertime sky, while others stem from childhood memories of catching fireflies at night.”

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