✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

Prompted by the idea of creative exploration during a time of limited physical and social connection, Casa Branca engaged three Los Angeles based photographers to shoot collection fabrics and dishware using an unconventional approach to traditional product photography.


Shot during the wide-scale stay at home orders, my heart and mind needed the colors of the stunning Branca collection as a vehicle to dream and explore. In nature, we find patterns, architecture, and colors that we then shape with our human hands into something we cherish. I was inspired to include a mix of nature and artisanal objects that I’ve collected to play with the intersection of the artisan’s hand and the natural world.  EMMY PICKETT


Photographer and Film Director Emmy Pickett was given a sample of resplendent fabrics and dishware, with the task to use her own artistic interpretation of the brand’s identity as a lens through which to create. The result is a unique sample of work that tells the story of how color, patterns, and architecture can spark creativity and take on an artistic identity.


Pickett was inspired by the hallmark vibrant colors of the Casa Branca collection and the natural world. Her images are transportive and whimsical. They highlight the photographer’s tendency towards experimentation and exploration, both emotionally and physically.


Pickett’s photos highlight our Fiamma handprinted fabric and Papavero Tumbler. Adorned with the poppy motif, the Papavero Tumbler is handblown, hand-cut, and hand-painted in enamel.


Image of Zig Zag - Bruno (Memo)
Image of Damasco - Pom (Memo)
Image of Jodhpur - Salmon & Roman (Memo)

DJ, Film Director, and Photographer Dana Boulos played with the ideas of nostalgia and manifestation during a creative photoshoot mixing objects with Casa Branca fabrics. Dana's images were created as a memoir of her younger self. By bringing in objects that represent manifestations in her life, she portrays her unique identity and sense of nostalgia. The Casa Branca fabrics are used as a backdrop for her objects, creating a contemporary world for her mementos to be enshrined.

"During this time it's important for me to challenge my creativity by really thinking outside the box with my imagination" –DANA BOULOS


Image of Cestino Coral
Image of Cestino French
Image of Rigato Coral

Photographer Minh Tran was selected for his ability to portray emotion and convey a strong visual narrative through his images. Tran’s photos depict Quadrato and Cestino handprinted fabrics and our graphic, geometric dishware to build his scene. The Rigato plates feature Casa Branca’s signature double-line border. This design forms a natural frame for smaller plates, or a series of concentric circles when used as a set. Staying true to the brand’s heart, Rigato embodies classic design with a modern twist. Embracing the idea of building a collection of treasures made to stand the test of time, the dishware is produced on porcelain of the highest quality in Limoges, France.

Moody and architectural, the photographer’s chosen scenography presents the brand with a surprisingly minimalist application. “Ephemeral forms continue to be a source of inspiration in my work,” says Tran. “These fleeting images and moments include light and shadow... a breeze, a movement — they add that emotional dimension to what can be a very static image.” he adds.

Tran’s images emphasize the purity of the geometric forms and patterns presented by the objects he works with. He likens putting these shapes together piece by piece into an abstract composition to Kandinsky putting together the forms of his paintings. The result is a refined yet playful intertwining of palpable shapes and their concomitant shadows.



When I create these images, in my mind I’m creating a scene, a location that helps create the story. My mind is transported to a seaside picnic in Greece, an al fresco lunch in southern Italy, or the bright sunlight of Santa Fe. These mental journeys help me create a larger context for the vignettes I'm creating in the studio. Minh Tran


This is exactly the feeling Alessandra Branca seeks to evoke with Casa Branca... the idea that “you don’t have to go there, to be there.” Her objects, wall coverings, and fabrics inspire to transport and bring joy.



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✤ Artist Highlight ✤

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✤ Year in Review ✤

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