✤   Yellow!  ✤

✤ Yellow! ✤

A symbol of life, positivity, and sunshine, yellow has been used since classical times to adorn both interiors and exterior walls. Many buildings in Alessandra’s hometown, Rome, are painted shades of yellow that age beautifully and contribute to the city’s eternal charm.

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✤  Mix and ... MATCH!  ✤

✤ Mix and ... MATCH! ✤

At Casa Branca, we are ALL about mixing and matching. Our line is designing to easily combine bold (or soft!) patterns and colors throughout the collections. Try using one of our patterns in both fabric and wallpaper for an allover look!

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✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

Spring has sprung! Celebrate the season and charm family and friends by festooning your table with our colorful selection of whimsical tabletop designs. An emphasis on pastel pink and green, a piece or two of rattan, and fresh florals lay the foundation for a festive tablescape, extending the feeling of spring into your home. Add your own creative flourish or favorite pieces to create a memorable event! 
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✤  Casa Branca: How To Guide  ✤

✤ Casa Branca: How To Guide ✤

To get started: set up your account and email your trade credentials to welcomehome@casabranca.com. 
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