Jul 12, 23

Pavilion Pattern Play

Pavilion is a print inspired by 18th-century Italian panels but with an updated twist. With a nod to popular patterns of the past, Alessandra has added a modern spin to 17th-century Chinoiserie and to the Toile de Jouy designs popular in France a century later. Pavilion’s Chinoiserie images of pagodas, cherry blossoms, and whimsical figures in pastoral settings are presented as a monoprint on our Quadrato, reimagining 18th-century French toiles.

✤ Quadrato ✤

Quadrato is a versatile pattern of hand-drawn concentric squares that can often be seen as the neutral counterpart to Pavilion. It is the same design that forms the background of Pavilion, making it an easy choice for pairing in any room. Its eight colors allow for fun mixing and matching throughout the line.

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