✤  Tips for the Trade  ✤

✤ Tips for the Trade ✤

The design technique of employing a single fabric throughout a room is steeped in historical tradition. In the time of Louis XIV and Le Grand Siècle, monarchs—and those who took their cues from the royals—would upholster entire rooms in matching silks and rich damasks to achieve extreme elegance while displaying their wealth and class.

Today, using the same fabric can enhance unusual architectural details, harmonize a large space, or create a dramatic effect.

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✤  Inspired Art  ✤

✤ Inspired Art ✤

Explore Collection II: Into the Woods through the eyes of artists & shop our handcrafted accessories for the home.
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✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

Spring has sprung! Celebrate the season and charm family and friends by festooning your table with our colorful selection of whimsical tabletop designs. An emphasis on pastel pink and green, a piece or two of rattan, and fresh florals lay the foundation for a festive tablescape, extending the feeling of spring into your home. Add your own creative flourish or favorite pieces to create a memorable event! 
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✤ Furniture Designs ✤

✤ Furniture Designs ✤

Shop Alessandra's custom furniture designs from our Palm Beach store and New York pop-up. Embodying the finest American craftsmanship, each piece is made to order in Casa Branca fabrics or as COM.
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