✤ Tips for the Trade ✤

✤  Tips for the Trade  ✤

The design technique of employing a single fabric throughout a room is steeped in historical tradition. 

In the time of Louis XIV and Le Grand Siècle, monarchs—and those who took their cues from the royals—would upholster entire rooms in matching silks and rich damasks to achieve extreme elegance while displaying their wealth and class. 


Today, using the same fabric can enhance unusual architectural details, harmonize a large space, or create a dramatic effect.



✤  Serene Spaces  



Create an intimate, everlasting cozy retreat in a bedroom by covering the walls, bed, and window treatments in the same pattern.



Image of Damasco - Salmon (Memo)
Image of Damasco - Madagascar (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Damasco - Sky (Memo)



Even elaborate patterns become almost neutral when used everywhere.


Alessandra Branca




✤  All in the Details  



Alessandra used coordinating fabrics as trim on upholstered pieces, tying together the various sofas, chairs, and window treatments in this Florida living room!



Image of Jaipur Fiore - Coral (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Paisley - Coral & French (Memo)
Image of Jaipur Stripe - Coral & French (Memo)



✤  Artistic License  



Coordinate details like throw pillows to wallpaper for a contemporary twist.



Image of Giardino Branca Stripe - Nero (Memo)
Image of Bosco - Macassar (Wallpaper Memo)
Image of Bosco Branca Stripe - Macassar (Wallpaper Memo)



✤  Rich Backdrops  



Using the same deep color on the walls and furniture of a room helps ground a space.



Image of Garda Mohair - Branca Red (Memo)


Image of Varese Cotton Velvet - Branca Red (Memo)


Image of Giardino - Branca Red (Memo)


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