✤ Holiday Fun ✤

✤  Holiday Fun  ✤
Nothing brings people together quite like the holidays... Except, perhaps, CARDS! Come together this holiday season for a game of Contract Rummy (a Branca favorite), and set the stage with these hand-blown green glasses and our hand-printed and embroidered tableware
Image of Marmo Playing Cards
Image of Cestino Porcelain - Nero
Image of Papavero Blockprint Napkin Set
Image of Papavero Hand-Painted Crystal Tumbler
Image of Fleurette Cocktail Napkins
Image of Clear Green Wine Glass
Our Marmo Playing Cards were recently featured in Architectural Digest. Custom-designed with fun, Roman updates to the classic cast of characters and featuring our signature loose-line letters and numerals, these cards have the best feel and have been vetted by card sharks 'round the globe.

I used to play cards with my grandmother. Traditions of being with the people you love at the table have always been important: being together before dinner and exchanging stories of your day and life, multigenerational card games before dinner... I love any opportunity to bring people together with common experiences.

Alessandra Branca

  More Marmo   

Image of Marmo Frame


Image of Pink Marmo Tissue Cover


Image of Marmo Storage Jar


Image of Marmo Notebook


Image of Marmo Wrapping Paper


Image of Marmo Tray




Palm Beach not on the itinerary? We're opening the online doors to some of our most precious pieces. Shop New for a look at what you've been missing.


Image of Hand-Painted Fern Wine Glasses


Image of Jean Roger Mini Ceramic Frog Cachepot


Image of Floral Silhouette No.6


Image of Porcelain Tulip in a Terracotta Pot


Image of Shell Masks


Image of Woven Rattan Fruitbowl


Image of Rattan Pedestal Side Table


Image of Standing Raffia Hurricane



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✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

✤ Last Minute Gifting! ✤

✤  Setting the Table ✤

✤ Setting the Table ✤

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✤ Year in Review ✤

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