✤ Chick Digs Red ✤

✤ Chick Digs Red ✤

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Red is exuberant. Some scientists think it’s the first color we "see" in the womb, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Everyone looks wonderful in a red room. Your skin glows. An instant lift! Chinese red, Pompeian red, American-flag red…so many cultures have embraced it, and they can't all be wrong! Alessandra has rarely done a home without a touch of red. It sparks up a room and gives it life. But if you’re wary of color, pick out just one element, like the lampshades or the pillows, to introduce a pop.





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Most people find red exciting. I think it's calming.


 Alessandra Branca

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Shots of red and black add drama to a neutral backdrop. Red is passion and joy, but black is more sobering–it gives a room depth, history, and age, bringing the room back down to earth. The combination of the two colors is very powerful.



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✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

✤ Sparking Creativity ✤

✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

✤ Mad for Magenta ✤

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✤ Nonna's Secret Sauce ✤

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